Slots Strategy

I RECCOMEND USING STAKE.COM’s Slots instead of Roobet’s. Roobet’s Slots has around 2% lower RTP on average compared to Stake’s! This makes a huge difference for player. I can offer lucrative rakeback deals if you use my code and DM me on twitter

Here it is obviously much up to your preference, but there is still strategy here, especially if there is a “King Roo” going on (rewards players with highest multipliers). Here you want to play on HIGH RTP slots with HIGH VOLATILITY. I’ve found that the optimal slot here is Dead Or Alive (96.82 RTP with very high volatility).

That being said, the HIGHEST RTP slot available is Uncharted Seas with a stunning 98.7. However, this is pretty low volatility so it is not that good in King Roo competitions, but other than that it is very good.