Mines Strategy

How I turn a profit at Mines in 2021

I reccomend using Stake’s Mines instead of Roobet’s. Roobet’s Mines has a 95.5% RTP while Stake’s Mines has a 99% RTP, for comparison, both were 5 mine games, and Roobet has a staggering 3.5% worse RTP than Stake.

Roobet Mines Strategy

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  • 3 Mines
  • Starting bet of 0.01% of your balance
  • Manual betting
  • Select random tiles each time, not the exact same ones
  • After a win return to starting bet
  • After each loss double your bet

Start by opening 6-8 tiles, if you do not hit a bomb, cash out. If you hit a bomb double your bet and choose 6-7 tiles. If you hit another bomb double your bet and go for 6 tiles. If you continue hitting bombs keep doubling until you get a win. If you get a streak of 6-7 losses you can do one of two things: 1) if you want to risk further keep doubling your bets and aiming for 6 tiles (which pays 2.35x) or 2) if you want to play safe you can try for 4-5 tiles (4 pays 1.71x and 5 pays 2.00x) but this means you take a loss and you are able to return to the starting bet. If the bet has gone high I almost always select the second method to avoid busting, but this is up to you and how you feel. If you chose the first method and get a losing streak of 13 times (total loss about 10% of total balance), I would change to second method to avoid busting.