On this site you will find the best strategies to maximize your profit on Roobet. Iconic games like Roobet Crash, Mines, Towers and more are included. I have also written guides towards other popular games such as Crazy Time or Blackjack. Due to Roobet’s unreliable KYC policy, I have also made a service to circumvent this

Originally created to help Roobet users, After playing on Stake for 2 months, I can no longer promote Roobet in good conscience. The goal of this website is maximizing profits after all. They offer much better rewards for active players.Wagering 100k got me around 350$ in Rakeback/Bonuses on Roobet, almost 1200$ on Stake) the average RTP on their slots are 1-3% higher than on Roobet, and their inhouse games are also much higher RTP, Stake’s Crash as an example has almost 4¤ more RTP than Roobet Crash

See the difference for yourself

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